Cruelty-Free Vegan Soaps for Women & Men

Each box you purchase helps feed 35 animals of AMTM everyday.

A Bed In Need Is A Friend Indeed

AMTM is procuring beds for the animals at the shelter. A total of 30 small, 90 medium and 30 large-sized beds will be purchased.

Your contribution will help animals sleep better and live healthy lives.

Animals In Treatment

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Undergoing Treatment


Sheru was found with a fractured leg and has been brought in for treatment. Donate for his speedy recovery.

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Undergoing Treatment


Mel is suffering with a huge maggot wound on his ear. Donate towards his treatment.

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Undergoing Treatment


Kaalu’s belly was torn because of barbed wire. She is in critical condition and is undergoing treatment. Please donate generously.

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Debunking 5 myths about dogs

The companionship between dogs and humans go back to mythologies and legends. However, there are a number of myths about dogs that still abound. Lets debunk 5 common myths about dogs today.

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827 animals and counting

Vaccination Drives with Royal Canin

WHO has identified India as an endemic for rabies accounting for 36% of the world’s deaths being most prevalent among dogs.

Read the blog to find out how AMTM and Royal Canin took a pawsitive step together to help curb the disease .

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Animals Matters to Me (AMTM) is a clinical rescue facility for strays & abandoned ownerless animals, birds & reptiles in need of help. We run a shelter cum hospital in Malad, Mumbai and offer services of Adoption, Animal Shelter, Medical Treatment, Sterilisation & Animal Ambulance

Unlimited 💛

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No amount is too small. It goes a long way to help animals at the rehab centre


A few hours a week with the animals means the world to them, not to mention , the memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Don’t buy or breed animals while there are many animals deprived of a good home. Come visit us &  you might just meet your soulmate.