5 Cupcakes Adopted !

10501602_947464531932360_5358270362282296777_n5 Cupcakes Adopted ! Yippeee, Thank you patrons, keep sharing & keep securing precious lives. All adoptions were completed in 6 days flat of posting on facebook, Love you all.

Sheer joy & happiness engulf’s us while we share the news of all the above crackpots being successfully adopted in good homes with all procedures done in place & individuals verified !

Rescue is not about picking up healthy pups & kittens from road & getting to rehab or pounds because at any given time in rehab we have many critical cases which can fatal for healthy young ones.

Animal welfare has some rules & rule # 1 says clearly never pick healthy animals from streets & admit to pounds or shelters as many die there post admission thanks to viral infections around & lack of mother nutritious milk.

We are clear that we will assist YOU with adoptions for healthy pups & kittens with 100% verified adopters via social media & our website where in adopters will directly get in touch with you for adoption & once mutual consent of both parties are met, we will verify adopter thoroughly not merrily based on piece of paper like pan card duplicate & residence proof.

Just because its a stray it doesn’t mean any form of life is cheap & can be handed over without verifying credentials of person interested in adoption.

To join us & help our cause email us on info@amtmindia.org

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