A Letter From Vinayak!

10906418_956909237654556_2138934296143823042_nA visit from a muscateer to malad in his own words ….

Vinayak an avid animal lover & supporter wrote this message & view when he visited india on his vacation.

You too can join us & be a part of this ever growing boundary less family.

Excerpts from VInayak

As you head towards Marve Silver Beach in Mumbai so beautifully set in the mangroves that give the much needed oxygen supply to the much polluted city, taking a turn after the St Anthony’s school into the lane at Chikuwadi, u will come across soon to brightly colored walls adorned with big letters AMTM and animal caricatures directing and welcoming you to its Rehab facility. One will see a big iron gate and when you knock on it, someone will soon come and open the gate with an ever smiling face and ask you to enter.

You walk few steps and you have entered a paradise – a place perhaps you wouldn’t have even dreamt off..!!

Welcome to Animals Matter to Me, an animal welfare Non Governmental Organization that has been established to reach out to different animals, birds in need. Set up by Ganesh Nayak and Dheeraja Nayak who have teamed up with Veterinaries and Volunteers to successfully rescue, vaccinate, sterilize, provide other forms of treatment and feed around 40 to 50 critical cases that come every month. At any given time there are around 80 animals being taken care of.]

I had come to know of AMTM through a FB post, and as I am quite fond of animals, I got quite interested in the works of this NGO. Call it sheer providence, but despite sitting thousands of miles away I somehow felt connected to this wonderful organization and it appealed to my senses.

Also felt connected the moment I saw the name Ganesh as the person who started this initiative, given that my name Vinayak too is yet another one of the several names ‘Ganesh’ the Hindu God has..

In the last two years of my interaction with Ganesh has been mostly on the BBM and through mail. I had not met Ganesh, nor visited the Rehab even once. And I must acknowledge the utmost sincerity with which Ganesh would respond to any enquiry or information or even to thank for any small amount of contribution made. Speaks volumes of the commitment level and respect that Ganesh showed towards one and all and which really built my rapport with AMTM. And all these two years, I had only read through the various FB posts and heard from Ganesh in our chat conversations various updates about treatment being given to the various inmates of the shelter. I had not visited or seen through my eyes this place until the 18th Feb 2015. These interactions, hence was based on implicit trust, which I have to admit after this visit, that Ganesh has upheld it with utmost care and I have not been let down wee bit.

And so despite the tight schedule I had in my trip to India, I decided to make a quick trip to the Rehab. Travelling as I was from Lucknow to Trivandrum, I decided to schedule my return journey through Bombay. I had thought I will spend couple of hours which would be enough. I ended up being there for more than 6 hours, simply over awed by the entire range of operations. From the most spic n span shelter, well organized sections to house the felines, the dogs and the puppies, the aviary for the birds, a separate and a secluded recovery section for the patients post treatment, a fowlery for the hens and the roosters, to the recently added a fully equipped ICU and Observation room donated generously by the Mahanagar Gas Limited, as well as two brand new rescue Ambulances donated by an avid animal lover and the 2nd one by MGL as well, to the wonderful Vet Dr. Ankita and six dedicated full time staff and volunteers… it is an exemplary place where animals in distress who are rescued are living so well… ]

Ganesh was kind enough to have driven me to this place from Andheri and immediately on arrival gave me a personalized tour that brought me quite up and close with each and every cat and dog… dogs with broken legs and open wounds.. with mange… dogs that had been hit by local trains and gruesomely injured that required immediate amputation of one of their limbs, puppy with several tumors in its head.. And so on… and while all this may sound very difficult to face it up so close, it was just the opposite that I experienced. it was so overwhelming to see these wonderful creatures being taken care of so well, who otherwise would have been left to die on the streets and the railway tracks, now so happily walking around, hobbling along, jumping around looking and behaving as if this is their actual home and are so happy to have come here.

It is at this point the dedicated staff would require special mention… if it were not for Shivam , Manendra, Rohit, Jitu, Kamlesh & Vicky who are forever round the clock at the service of these four legged creatures, cleaning their poop, bathing them, grooming them, playing with them, feeding them, caressing them, walking them at the beach, AMTM would not be what it is today. The way I was in for such a lovely welcome from these four legged creatures was in no way anticipated, a welcome dripping profusely of the love and joy, exuberating so much excitement by our presence despite any injury or ailment they might be suffering from.

Truly as was written on the wall – Love is a four legged word – couldn’t resonate more truth any other place than this.

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