Community Outreach

Community Outreach Program

Community Outreach Program

In early 2017, AMTM launched its Community Outreach programme, which involves travelling around the city to the places where street dogs and cats congregate, and teaching the care givers and feeders how to administer basic first aid to dogs and cats, and how to identify signs of sickness and injury.

With so many individual animal lovers feeding and caring for homeless street animals, this programme will see these compassionate people trained in basic animal care and first-aid. This is in addition to our feeding programme, providing these animal care givers with regular supplies of dog and cat food each month.

The objective is to get animals treated before the sickness or injury progresses to a more serious stage, which ultimately reduces the suffering of the animals and frees up space in our dog and cat hospitals for very serious cases that require full-time veterinary care.

Besides training program, we have also periodically carried out sterilization and vaccination drives. We also reach out to educational institutions & units to sensitize animal welfare.

Kindly, write to us for arranging the training programs in your Locality or Circle.

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