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Let’s build a wall to help and support stray animal kingdom

Let’s build a wall to help and support stray animal kingdom

Decision was made!! Yes, now the animals we call stray are not going to be Homeless anymore!! We are gifting them a “Home”. “Being Home” is the best feeling we could finally think of to make them feel protected and Happy.. They are going to be cage-free but protected by an eco-friendly wall we are building!!!

A massive 17 acres, cage free heaven coming up for strays who are old, blind, disabled & pets that have been abandoned by their owners. We need loads of help in kind, pro bono & proceeds. Do come forward to help, volunteer & contribute in any way YOU can.

Vitthalwadi Kolad Sanctuary
needs your support!

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Lets make this world an equally better place for all

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Every penny donated goes a long way for strays & abandoned souls at rehab.

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Don’t buy or breed while shelter animals are deprived of their need for good homes. Come visit & meet your twin soul.

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A few hours a week will boost their lives with love & care while you go back homes with smiles & memories to cherish for.

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