Animal Sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary

Animals Matter To Me has purchased 17 acres of land near Kolad area to start an animal sanctuary. Our goal is to bring all the animals together, especially the ones which are in a bad shape, old, sick, blind or handicapped. The sanctuary will be home to all kind of animals from dogs, cats, goats, cows, buffaloes, horses to donkeys etc.

The sanctuary will also have an organic farm and a gaushala {cow shed} to make itself a self-sustaining model. Apart from helping the animals, you can also visit the sanctuary for leisure purposes. It makes for a great campsite as an entire hill falls in the expanse and also has a weekend home where you can stay and enjoy activities like cycling, trekking etc. You can also do farming with your own hands and experience something very unique.

You can volunteer to take care of the animals, or even help redesign and decorate the entire sanctuary. People from Both Mumbai and Pune can conveniently travel to the location. Also, if you have any friends from across the country who would want to come volunteer to help build this great initiative, they are most welcome by AMTM.

So, if you want to spend your weekend doing something fun and meaningful, or you just love animals and want to lend a hand into developing this beautiful sanctuary into something even grander, go ahead and volunteer. You can send a mail on for the same and also get in touch through Facebook and Instagram.

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