Andy Stood Up!

11018576_968182046527275_2837191538719306186_nOnlookers say, they saw Andy being run over by a vehicle at St. Anthony Church, Malad. An injured Andy was dragging himself, and eventually fell into a gutter with no one coming forward to help. A nearby school teacher, pulled Andy out of the gutter(sewage), who was covered in dirt and howling in pain.
When admitted and diagnosed at our Facility he was found with an injured vertebrae, which led to paralysis from waist down. He was in a state of shock, undernourished and in deep pain, telltale signs of a accidental stray dog.
His road to recovery started with heavy antibiotics, pain killers & good nutrition. Being the sweetheart that he is, warmed up to the staff in no time, and his intensive physiotherapy was next.

He stood up for the very first time!!!
He needs another 2-3 weeks of the same treatment to be fit to start his life on the streets all over again.
We thank the school teacher for giving Andy a new lease of life and setting a example to all his school children who are the future of our generation!
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