Some of the animals we're looking after

In Treatment

Ramu_Animal Case


Ramu faced an unfortunate car accident in Borivali West, resulting in a fractured leg. We need your support to raise Rs. 25000 to support Ramu’s medical treatment and rehabilitation.

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Zoya_Animal Case


Zoya’s journey took an unexpected turn in Andheri West, where she faced an accident resulting in a broken leg. To aid her recovery, we are seeking funds of Rs. 25000. Your support will ensure Zoya heals and regains her strength.

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Sissu_Animal Case


Sissu’s traumatic journey began in Orlem, Malad West, where he faced an attack by larger dogs, leaving him paralyzed. Despite his challenging start, Sissu is now at AMTM, receiving the love and care he deserves. To support his recovery, we are in urgent need of Rs. 25000. Help Sissu bounce back and embark on a brighter, healthier future.

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Abby & Gabby

Abby & Gabby

Abby and Gabby, two adorable 2-month-old puppies, were rescued from Auris Serenity, Malad West. They are in urgent need for treatment for maggot wounds. Your generous donation of Rs. 8000 will ensure they receive the medical care they deserve.

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Ginger - Animal Case


Show your compassion to Ginger, a resilient 1.5-year-old female cat from Borivali West. Ginger is currently under our care after an unfortunate incident left her paralyzed, possibly due to an accident or dog bite. We seek your support to raise ₹25,000 for her medical needs.

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Arthur - Animal Case


Extend a helping hand to Arthur, a brave 2-year-old male cat, rescued from Malwani, Malad West. With a maggot wound near his cheeks, to ensure his full recovery, we need your assistance to raise ₹20,000 for his medical expenses. Your contribution can make a significant difference in Arthur’s journey to healing.

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Sandy - Animal case


Sandy urgently seeks your support for treatment as he battles horrible maggot infection wounds requiring immediate attention. Your contribution can play a vital role in his healing journey.

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Billu - Animal Case


Help Billu, a 7-year-old stray cat receiving care at the animal hospital. Billu requires your support to overcome a distressing leg wound and severe dehydration. Your contribution can accelerate his path to recovery.

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Sunnyy - Animal Case


Support Sunnyy, a resilient 6-year-old indie cat fighting a maggot wound on his paw. While in the care of the AMTM hospital, he requires your assistance for treatment. Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a difference in Sunnyy’s recovery.

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Grey - Animal Case


Grey is suffering from paralysis and needs constant care and medication to lead a life with dignity. Please donate to help her survive and live a pain-free life.

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Krish - Animal Case


Suffering from a swollen throat and eye area, Krish was brought to us by a truly kind soul. Krish is admitted at our hospital in Malad for treatment and needs your help for recovery. Please donate to help him get back to a normal life.

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Thor - Animal Case


Brought to us with a broken jaw and in wailing pain, Thor has a broken jaw and needs immediate surgery. We have shifted him over night from the animal sanctuary to our hospital in Malad. Please donate to help him recover.

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Treated / Recovered / Released



Whitey was brought in with horrific wounds all over his body. The biggest one is a rip on his shoulder, running over his back, down past his chest and tummy. He looks like he’s been attacked brutally and is under critical care. Please help this 2-month-old boy by donating towards his treatment.



Chikki was found injured in Malad West, Mumbai. She was found in severe pain with her tail completely severed from her body. Please support her on her road to recovery by donating towards her treatment.



Zack was found with a severely fractured leg. He is currently admitted and receiving treatment. Please help him by donating towards his recovery.



Palti is paralysed and needs your help to survive. She is currently receiving medical treatment under our care. Please donate towards her treatment and care.



Ella was admitted with a maggot-infested eye injury and several severe wounds all over her body. She is fighting for her life and needs all the help she can get to survive. Please help Ella recover by donating towards her treatment and care.



Jagga was admitted with severe maggot wounds on her body. She is trying her best to survive but needs all the assistance she can get from you. Please help Jagga recover by donating towards her treatment and care.



JD was found with a large, painful tumour in his throat. He is currently receiving medical treatment but he needs all the help he can get to recover. Please help him survive by donating towards his treatment and care.



Chinky is suffering from venereal granuloma that has landed her in hospital. She is braving the pain but needs your help to recover. Please help her by donating towards her treatment.