10930896_929993060346174_1789622237491952357_n (1)10000 shares minimum required to safeguard your pets from being killed & eaten up by two spineless souls in kalina mumbai, who are arrested & will be presented in court soon.

Be careful about your strays & pets in your area, these two individuals are dangerous, read content below.

Mumbai: Duo abducted, killed pet dogs to feast on biryani and korma !

Two Kalina residents were arrested yesterday for allegedly abducting, killing and then eating pet dogs in the locality. According to the local police, the duo may have killed close to a dozen dogs after luring them with biscuits, so they could then feast on ‘dog biryani and korma’. Lalaronei Inbuon alias Nonou (27) and Mishanbur Chinaupram alias Kho Kho (20), who hail from Manipur, were arrested after a complaint from their neighbour, Santosh Shetty, who had been searching for his missing dog — a Labrador Retriever — since January 13. A witness tipped him off about the duo, saying they had taken the dog away.

After searching for his pet for two days, Shetty approached the Vakola police and registered a complaint, after which the cops apprehended the accused. A police source said the cops soon discovered the dog’s carcass in a trash bin, after they questioned the duo. They also found a few dog leashes and collars in the bin, indicating that the accused had possibly done this before.

On questioning the pair, the police learnt that the two would go out for evening strolls in the neighbourhood and keep an eye out for well-kept, pedigree pets. They would lure the dogs to their home with biscuits and would then brutally butcher the animals. They would allegedly feast on up to 10 kg of dog meat, prepared as ‘dog biryani’ and ‘dog korma’. Cops also found a large steel utensil that the duo allegedly used for these preparations.

Nearly a dozen dogs had gone missing in the past year, and the police suspect the accused were involved in those cases as well, said a source. It is also learnt that when confronted, the two disclosed that dog meat is a common meal in their native place in Manipur.
They were booked under Sections 379 (theft) and 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc) of the Indian Penal Code and under relevant sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.


“The two accused were produced before the magistrate’s court and have been remanded to police custody for two days,” said Vilas Joshi, senior police inspector at the Vakola police station.

Attached is only Representational pic. Not a actual one.

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