why you should adopt cats in pairs - Blog cover

Why you should adopt cats in pairs

While adopting cats in pairs has numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider the individual personalities and preferences of the cats involved. Some cats may prefer being the only pet, while others thrive in the company of fellow felines. Here are a few things to look for.

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5 tips for dealing with a high-energy dog - Blog Cover
Animal Care

5 Tips for Dealing with a High-Energy Dog

Dealing with a high-energy dog requires a holistic approach that combines physical exercise, mental stimulation, training, routine, and interactive toys. By incorporating these five tips into your daily routine, you’ll not only meet your dog’s energy needs but also cultivate a strong and positive relationship with them.

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Keeping you cats safe at home - Blog Cover

Keeping your cats safe at home

Thinking of adopting or fostering a cat at home? There are a few things commonly found around the everyday household that can be poisonous and toxic to your pet cats. Something as simple as medicines, food and flowers can cause serious harm to your cats. You can keep them safe with just a few tips to be mindful about.

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4 ways to care for pets this winter - Blog Cover

4 ways to care for pets during winter

As winter approaches, ensure your pets are prepared for the changing weather. Provide a warm and dry shelter, complete with cozy bedding. Invest in pet clothes, particularly for short-haired dogs, and gradually introduce them to your pets. Keep an eye on their water intake, as they may drink less in winter, and adjust their food portions to account for increased energy needs. With a little extra care, you can make winter a delightful season for your furry friends.

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What role do community cats play in neighbourhoods? - Blog Post

What role do community cats play in neighbourhoods?

Peaceful co-existence with community cats promotes harmony, helps control rodent populations, reduces the burden on animal shelters, and fosters a sense of compassion and shared responsibility within the community. This way, you can make a positive impact on both the lives of community cats and the well-being of your community as a whole.

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How to keep your pets calm during Diwali - Blog Cover

How to keep your pets calm during Diwali

Each and every pet is different, and so are their needs. Something that works best for one may not work for another one. So, pay attention to their behaviour and comfort level during the din and booms during Diwali and adjust your approach accordingly. Be proactive and ensure your pet’s well-being during noisy events like Diwali.

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Nurturing the strays: What to feed stray dogs - Blog Cover

Nurturing the strays: what to feed stray dogs

Stray dogs often face a tough and uncertain life on the streets, struggling to find food and shelter. While it’s heartwarming to want to help them by providing food, it’s crucial to approach this with care and responsibility. Feeding stray dogs is an act of kindness, certainly but it’s also essential to be responsible and considerate in your efforts. By following a few responsible practices, you can make a positive impact on the lives of these animals while respecting their well-being and the environment they inhabit.

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Eco-friendly cat scratchers - Blog Cover

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratchers – Happy Felines, Greener Planet

By choosing an eco-friendly cat scratcher, you not only provide a happier and healthier environment for your cat but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Your conscious choice as a pet owner can make a significant impact in reducing your carbon paw-print. So, treat your furry friend to an eco-friendly cat scratcher and watch them purr with delight while you help protect our planet.

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Help your pet lose weight safely and healthily - Blog Cover

Help your pet lose weight safely and happily

There are several factors contributing to pet obesity, such as overfeeding, lack of exercise, age, breed, and health conditions. Understand the root causes and issues associated with obesity to be better equipped to tackle the issue effectively.

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Fashion trends are shifting or getting reset - Blog Cover

Fashion trends are shifting or getting re-set…

Fashion designers who are increasingly embracing fur-free policies are not merely setting a new trend but also contributing to a more ethical and sustainable future for the industry. Many consumers also find these practices objectionable and inhumane. A new trend is thus in the making.

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