Caring For Community Animals During Diwali – What To Do

Diwali can be a stressful time for animals thanks to loud noises and firework displays. This year, let’s celebrate Diwali responsibly and sensitively. 

Here’s what we can do :

  1. Help animals stay hydrated to overcome stress and anxiety.

    The sudden light, noise and air pollution cause a lot of distress to animals and birds. Placing a bowl of water outside our houses keeps them hydrated and helps ease their anxiety for a while. 

    You can also keep the gates of your house and parking lot open to provide a safe place for scared animals to shelter, should they need it. 

  2. Protect animals from getting electric shocks.

    The hanging lights tempt animals and birds to come close and touch them. Make sure there are no open or loose-fitted wires that can result in them getting electric shocks, even leading to their death.

  3. Burst crackers at centralised locations only.

    Convince your locality to burst crackers in a confined area so as to not disturb the already scared animals and birds hiding away in corners.

  4. Clean burnt cracker leftovers.

    Stray animals tend to eat leftovers on the streets. Crackers have toxic materials that can cause poisoning and even deaths, when consumed by these animals. Make sure that all remnants are cleaned up and disposed of properly.

  5. Keep a list of animal help centres readily available for emergencies.

    If you come across any injured animals or birds, immediately contact the help centre. Tend to them with some first aid until help arrives.

AMTM wishes you all a safe and happy Diwali!

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