Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

11041783_958449497500530_2902381726761582368_nBirthday like this one is way different then the regular ones.

DAMINI’S wish to be with dogs & cats all around came true, a group of 9 friends all decided to make her wish come true with AMTM rehab visit.

What you see here is the changing youth of today who does not believe in splurging but believes in change & spending quality time for their passion.

Have a good one Damini, Your birthday was auspicious for all tails with 100 kgs of rice coming from our regular donor Mrs Naina Salian.

You too can donate a bit if you like our work & cant visit us on your birthday for rehab feeding sessions via www.amtmindia.org/donate-now/

Once again thank you for wonderful thought of spending time with tails of Amtm rehab facility & getting cake for one all working & admitted there.

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