Checking Up On Our Friends

AMTM loves and provides for every animal in need and is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned ones. We work hard to ensure every animal is treated with love, care, and respect. 

It’s said it doesn’t matter how big your house is; what matters is if there’s  love in it. Staying  true to the saying, our arms are open to every animal that may need us.

Here are a few members that have been added to our ever-expanding family

1. Meissner

Meisser, a 1-year-old Indian male dog, is suffering from a severe maggot infestation. He was  brought in by one of our doctors on November 10th and is undergoing treatment. 

Get to know Meissner better and donate for his speedy recovery

2. Mike

Mike, a 6-year-old Indian male cat, lost skin on his chest and front paws from a suspected burn injury or an acid attack. He was admitted to the AMTM hospital on November 13th and is undergoing treatment. His condition is critical and recovery will be a long road. 

Get to know Mike better and donate for his speedy recovery

3. Luke 

Luke, a 2-year-old Indian male dog, was suffering from maggot wounds. He is currently under our care and is being treated. 

Get to know Luke better and donate towards his treatment

4. Terminator 

Terminator, a 5-and a half-year-old Indian male dog who has been with us for over a year. He is now ready for reconstructive surgery and grafting to restore his jaw.

Get to know Terminator better and donate towards his treatment

5. Nora

Nora, a 5-year-old Indian male dog, is suffering from a maggot infestation. He’s been getting treatment thanks to your generous donations. Nora and we are grateful to you! 

Get to know Nora better

6. Angel 

Angel, a 25-month-old Indian female cat, was rescued in a critical state with a severe head injury. We suspect the cause of her injury to be a fall. She has recovered and is waiting to be adopted by a loving family. 

Find out more about Angel on our Instagram

7. Runner

Runner, a four year old Indian male dog, was found on Aksa beach with a large maggot wound on his hip. He has been brought in for treatment. 

Get to know Runner better and donate towards his treatment

8. Nelson 

Nelson, a one year-old Indian male dog was found with a maggot wound on his right ear. His condition is stable and he is currently under our care. 

Get to know Nelson and donate towards his treatment

9. Coba

Coba, a three month old Indian male puppy has been rescued with a broken left leg and has been brought under our care. His condition is critical. 

Get to know Coba better and donate for his treatment

10. Rosy

A two and half month-old Indian paralysed cat has been brought under our care. We are helping her get back on her feet. 

Know Rosy better and help us in her treatment

There are many ways you can help us do the work we do. From covering medical costs and post-op care for animal rescues, sponsoring vaccination shots, sponsoring a meal for our furry friends at the animal hospital and to the animal sanctuary or even contributing to help us keep the facilities running, the choice is yours.

All donations are processed via a secure payment gateway. You’re also eligible to receive an 80G certificate for your contribution.

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  1. You’ll are really doing a great job, and I don’t even have words for appriciation. I saw some articles/vlogs stating about the cruelty done by humans on these speechless animals. I was looking to adopt a dog and followed the steps as given by you. Looking forward to make this a beautiful place for these animals.

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