Guru the wonder dog !

GURU THE WONDER DOGAlways in life bad times will lead to great times.
Guru is a perfect example for this quote. He was abandoned by his previous owners for no fault of his. He spent close to 2 months at our rehab centre, where we got to see the different emotions and behavior of Guru. His initial days were filled with food aggression, defensive, anger, lost, confused, and somewhere still trying to find his owners among the many visitors of the Rehab Centre. And then was the phase where he started trusting humans again, got plenty of rest, food, medication, exercise and most importantly love and respect. His huge structure was in contrast to his puppy face, and he started enjoying his morning and evening walks, playful lazy afternoons with Sujay Shenoy, a volunteer who took it on himself to nurse Guru back to good health and to trust humans all over again.
Guru’s physical wounds healed, and so was he learning to adhere to commands. With time we got him sterilized. He is close to a year old and the time had come to find him a forever home. Keeping his breed in mind, the need for an open space and an owner who will love and at the same time tame Guru was inevitable.
He has found his forever home at a bungalow in the outskirts of Mumbai. Not just 7 acres of open space, Guru has a beautiful river flowing door. Every evening he gets to play around the water, which is not just fun but also strengthens his legs which is a weak area of such breeds.

The 2 months he spent with us at our Rehab Centre has left a deep loving impression on our minds and soul. He is missed terribly, but we know now he is forever safe.

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