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Name- Bru
Age- 6yrs old
Chocolate Labrador
Missing from Amboli since 2nd January 2014.
Contact no- 9870293774/ 7666645509/ 9920810870
Address- J.B ‘D’mello chawl room no 19,
Andheri Amboli (west)

Excerpts from family of BRU.

Ganesh please if possible specify if he is spotted by anyone, please call out his name and if its Bru he would definitely respond back.
Also when he went missing he had a red choker collar.

We have done everything thing in order to find him. We logged a complaint at the police station, checked at crawford market, checked with all the dog catchers and stuck posters all over in the area till date we have been checking our area and beyond every now and then but no news of Bru yet.

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