I Am A Mother First!

10513238_960119660666847_2520492837481840507_nI am a mother first !
All mothers are alike & Kit Kat is no exception!
Kit Kat a stray cat was admitted at our Facility, in a heavily pregnant condition & littered 3 healthy kittens around a week ago.
In the meantime three kittens were found in a bucket unattended or dumped by someone.
Pratyush Bose rescued & sent them to our Facility with via Mr.shashikant.
What happened next was magical! Kit Kat not just accepted them to feed & clean but now is extremely possible of all six!
Salute to the love of a mother in any form of life, all mothers are the best & Kit Kat made us realize the word Mother is super magical, caring & loving.

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