Leonidas the Survivor

LeonidasLeonidas, the sole survivor of his litter, was found on the side of the road after his mother was run over by a car. Barely 5 days old, he hasn’t even opened his eyes as yet. He was found by Mr. Ajay in Seepz, Andheri and brought to our centre.
Leonidas needs to be fed almost 12 times a day. Despite the fact he has been rescued and is being given the best care possible, he still has only a 50-50 chance of surviving, as puppies this age require their mothers care and milk.
A big thanks to Mr. Ajay, who despite being relatively new to animal welfare went out of his way to rescue this little runt and brought him across to us.
If you’d like to donate towards Leonidas’s care, do visit https://www.amtmindia.org/donate-now/
To visit Leonidas and the other residents of our shelter, mail Ankita at ankita@amtmindia.org

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