Persian Cats For Adoption!

10672206_860909560587858_3799989697697267939_nSharing this on your page will help 6 lives.

We have become more comfortable with uncertainty & are ready to help many who are in need & are helpless.

6 persains (2 black, 2 white, 2 grey ) have arrived at our rehab facility for adoption. The first thing we did was we immediately spayed & neutered all of them in one go to end the vicious cycle of breeding & end the greed of some select humans who make dough out of them.

This is a genuine case where the owner is not well due to old age & she decided to handover to us instead of selling them for making thousands. We appreciate her call & respect her thought of handover gracefully instead of abandoning them. A change that we hardly see these days.

Adoption norms-

Residence & office verification.

200 kgs of rice for rehab in-house patients & for feeders across mumbai who are donated by us to feed strays (freebies have no value you see!)

Consent forms to be duly signed

3 visits to Rehab to spend time with persians so as to check compatibility.

All adoption queries will be done in sequential manner and only emails will be considered for adoptions. We don’t work on pure referrals; all have to adhere to adoption policy mentioned above.

No phone calls for this adoption will be entertained.


  1. Misba

    I want to adopt a Persian little

  2. Vinita Dixit

    Hello. Please let me know if this adoption is still available.

  3. Geet Nandgaonkar

    Hello I want to adopt 3 cats . I had so many cats in past including a grey persian cat . I have a german shepherd now. Please let me only adopt the cats . Thank you

  4. Ashirwad Hadkar

    I need one Persian cat In my family

  5. Ronit shelar

    I what cat plz

  6. Anil

    I want a persian kitten

  7. Anil

    I want a persian cat kitten

  8. Deepali more

    Hi i am interested for adoption.kindly contact me

  9. Sagir

    I am interested please call 9699978697

  10. rutuja

    i want to adopt one percian cat

  11. Sikandar

    Pls give me only one female kitten pls carrying ache se karunga mere 4 adult cuzin bhai ne adop kar dia aur 3 kitten sale kar dia par pls muje bhi dikhana hai aur saukh bhi hai adop me i promise ache se carrying karunga
    pls.773858 7171 ye wattsup num hai mera cell phone chori ho gaya muje new sim lena hai par watsup chalu hai 7738587171 ye num se apne read kia message mera thank u so much pls bro n sis muje nhi pta is lie bro sis dono kaha thanks pls trust me ache se rakhunga.

  12. Siddhesh Ahire

    I want to adopt Persian cats I was having two cats

  13. Archana

    Hello Sir/Ma’am
    I eagerly want to adopt this kiity. Please let me know ASAP on my No. 7972835928.

  14. Priya Tiwari

    I’m interested in adopting a Persian cat pls cal me 8879355167

  15. Fahad Khan

    I want to adopt one

  16. althaf

    Can give me a persian kitten please contact on 9995974496 please


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