Princess Fights Back!

1526496_939718559373624_8365952460162185533_nMy neck was twisted, but I am a fighter & I am back !

We were a litter of 5 & I was the unlucky one to fall in the hands of some kids who mistreated me by twisting my neck in the opposite direction.

I was admitted at the rehab in a critical state, where I would go in circles as some of my nerves were twitched. It’s 13 days now, my condition is far more stable than it was. Now I am playing with some tiny tots & gentle giants like War and Scotch, the other members admitted at the rehab, they take care of me when I need their warmth.

We are a whole lore here and you too can help my community on Saturdays & volunteer for rescues & other activities.

Thank you


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