Remember Laxmi? She needs your help


Laxmi is our friend. Laxmi was also Bijlee’s friend, probably her first in years. She was with Bijlee when she was rescued, giving her moral support and gently encouraging her to get back on her feet. But Bijlee went over the rainbow bridge and Laxmi moved to the SOS chain free centre where she has been enjoying her freedom ever since. But Laxmi’s future is now at stake, her bleak past of living in chains, being neglected and being fed junk food seems to be catching up with her. Her old owners want her back. Her past has left her with a lifetime of ailments and if unsupervised can be quite debilitating for her.

Help Laxmi retain her freedom. Sign the petition. We need 10,000 signatures so Laxmi can stay free.

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