Medical Services

AMTM’s Rehab facilities include treatment for both dog and cat  as well as a sterilization suite. AMTM responds to numerous calls and emails daily. Emergencies such as road traffic accidents, poisonings, serious wounds and cruelty cases receive priority and are picked up as soon as possible depending on availability on space.

We treat animals from 11:30 to 17:30 hours. After hours AMTM uses external veterinary clinics and once stable the animal is transported to our hospital for further treatment.

Distemper, parvovirus infection, sarcoptic and demodectic mange, canine transmissible tumors (TVT) – all these diseases, rarely seen in the west, are prevalent in India.  Other common cases include infected wounds, fractures due to vehicular accidents, various skin diseases and tick-borne diseases. We usually have 100 to 150 dogs and approximately 75 cats in treatment at any one time.

AMTM Mumbai does not have the resources to provide medical treatment outside of clinic hours (Monday to Sunday, 11:00 to 17:00 hours) but can put you in touch with a pet taxi service and give you details of the closest vet.

AMTM will help you with treatments at no costs. However we will be able to admit dogs as and only when we have space.

If the animal is not in immediate danger, please wait until the next working day to call and report the animal. Remember to use the Rehab number during normal working hours, not the emergency number.

Vaccination for 1 dog for 1 year

Vaccination for Dogs for 1 year for admitted or external strays (Rabies + 1 year 7 in 1 Shot Norbivac)

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Donation Total: ₹1,000.00

Vaccination for 1 cat for 1 year

Vaccination for 1 cat for 1 year for admitted or external stray ( Rabies + 1 year Virbac vaccination)

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Donation Total: ₹1,500.00

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