Mumbai is home to millions of street dogs. AMTM was set up to help improve the welfare of stray dogs in Mumbai by addressing the main source of all problems – overpopulation. The only ethical and the most effective way of managing a street dog population is through mass spay / neuter programmes. AMTM has sterilized and vaccinated over ______ dogs and cats so far.

Dogs and cats are brought in by the public as well as by our Animal Rescue Officers. In 2016 the mass spay / neuter programme has been expanded to Mumbai Suburban which is home to an estimated ____  street dogs.

The streets of Mumbai are home to millions of “stray” dogs, cat and working animals.  Many of them have been born into a life on the streets and it is the only life they have ever known. Removing their freedom by placing them in a Rehab causes them untold misery and, while nothing can beat a real home, it is simply not possible to re-home each and every street dog and cat when we already have hundreds of shelter animals waiting for homes.

AMTM believes that the only truly effective and humane means of reducing the number of street dogs and cats is through spaying and neutering and to date, has sterilized over _____ stray dogs and cats.

The city of Mumbai where we are based has a large network of people who feed the stray dogs and cats in their communities. AMTM provides many of these people with a regular supply of food but we do not have the resources to collect and shelter every stray animal in the city, nor is it in the animals’ best interests to do so. We would therefore ask that you only call our Rehab about animals that need to critical services or those that require medical attention. Sadly, our phone line is always busy and calling about healthy, sterilized street animals that have a regular food source will delay help getting to those that need it.

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