A St. Bernard named Guru

The majestic breed of St. Bernard, a working dog, rightfully belonging to the Swiss Alps are made to live in the extreme weather conditions in concrete jungles such as Mumbai. One such case is Guru (named by us ), an abandoned 2-3 year old huge fella. He was rescued by an animal lover Kaushal Guhya, on receiving a call from Chembur, Mumbai. For reasons best known to his previous owners, he has been dumped and left to fend for himself.
When Kaushal got him to our AMTM Rehab Centre, Guru was very aggressive and disoriented. Our vet, Dr. Ankita Pathak, found a deep maggot wound below his left eye, swollen paws ( maybe infected and also maggot infested), and a deep broken nail. He was obviously undernourished and unloved. It’s 4-5 days since Guru’s arrival at the Centre and he is slowly warming up to the staff and his vet ! He still growls when anyone touches his food bowl, but when you let him loose, to walk within the Rehab compound, he is like a inquisitive kid, poking his nose around the other inmates who are petrified just by his sheer size !
A series of medical tests will be done in about a weeks time, and we foresee Guru to stay with us for at least a month before he regains his strength and trust in humans. His daily food intake is high and alternate day treatment is on.
If you wish to aid his treatment, medicines, food.. You can donate on our website www.amtmindia.org/donate/.
If you wish to meet him at our Rehab Centre, mail us on ankita@amtmindia.org.

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