Story Of Tiger!

10982458_945370712141742_2199600917849548090_nDear Friend’s & Supporter’s, please do share my tigers
‘s story.

I am Ananya Samir Mauli & this is my best buddy & brother Tiger Samir Mauli whom we got adopted from amtm rehab facility in july last year.

I always wanted a companion & Tiger is the best thing to happen to me & my family. He is my twin soul whom i can rely on anytime when i need him, his purrs & cuddling paws are the best gift one can think of. I thank both my parents for getting tiger in my life & now i cant think of a single day without him.

Tiger is super friendly & is super clean thanks to his self cleaning sessions which lasts for hours when no one is home.

Adopting a stray from road is the best thing to do rather then buying breeds was my dad’s opinion & today it stand;s true, All animals are unconditional, it is us who differentiates them & putsa breed tag for unknown reasons.

Thank you for giving us Tiger & loads of bliss our family enjoys 24/7 with his purr’s & pranks at home.

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