Update On Pluto!

10866105_943765962302217_5913144733795839054_oI need help & i thank you for everything – PLUTO
Dear supporter’s – Read & share for more support.
Exactly 61 days ago I was rescued by Macarina & Tanveer from the streets of Goregoan, in a condition where no one bothered to give me a second look. So far I have under gone two surgeries & as many as 18 tumors ie 16 in first surgery & 2 in second surgery have been removed successfully by my care taking vets & team. When I first came in, was frail, weak, no energy to stand, but today i am 7 kgs heavier than earlier.
My chemo therapy sessions start soon & will be the first case of success for such tumors, with just two tumors left in my head. I am sure gonna battle it out & come through successfully this painful ordeal.

My team needs help & if you wish to help me you can send in your help to my team at malad west rehab facility or donate via our website –www.amtmindia.org/donate-now

Every penny counts, if you can’t donate you can at least spread a word of cases like mine.
Tumor is curable & don’t lose hope till you try your best. Do not euthanize, just because we cannot speak, maybe we want to live.

For more details on me, mail us on info@amtmindia.org with subject as PLUTO !

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