1782140_874910489187765_1888360785273768661_nWe all visit our near & dear ones when one is not well or admitted to an hospital to wish him or her a speedy recovery, Our rehab caters to such critical cases which have been either abandoned or a condition where no one has tried giving a helping hand.

A revisit by a volunteer made war super happy & he was all charged up to see his helpful caring visitor.
Miracles do happen & WAR is our miracle mascot after Guru another bernard who was successfully placed in a good home.

Please note many times we are unable to help or reach out to all cases & calls due to space & other constraints. Rehab has limited slots for admission & we undertake limited cases to give our best to the admitted specie. Individuals interested in visiting the place can visit on saturdays to help,volunteer & donate their valuable time.

AMTM is not sponsored by any local body like bmc or local authority.

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