Youngest Member of AMTM

I was a day old when I was found, my mommies are then people in AMTM who feed and nurture me daily.

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Debunking 5 myths about dogs

The companionship between dogs and humans go back to mythologies and legends. However, there are a number of myths about dogs that still abound. Lets debunk 5 common myths about dogs today.

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Top 5 Phobias in Dogs and How To Help Them

Animal phobias can have a variety of causes, including​ a lack of early socialization or a negative experience. We’ve listed below the 5 most common phobias experienced by dogs for you to understand and help them.

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Prevention Is The Best Cure

WHO has identified India as an endemic for rabies accounting for 36% of the world’s deaths being most prevalent among dogs.

Read the blog to find out how AMTM and Royal Canin took a pawsitive step together to help curb the disease .

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