Animals Matter to Me, Mumbai is glad to inform about its 17 Acre Animal Sanctuary coming up soon in Ainwahal, Maharashtra

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Animals Matter To Me has purchased 17 acres of land near Kolad area to start an animal sanctuary. Our goal is to bring all the animals together, especially the ones which are in a bad shape, old, sick, blind or handicapped. The sanctuary will be home to all kind of animals from dogs, cats, goats, cows, buffaloes, horses to donkeys etc.

The sanctuary will also have an organic farm and a gaushala {cow shed} to make itself a self-sustaining model. Apart from helping the animals, you can also visit the sanctuary for leisure purposes. It makes for a great campsite as an entire hill falls in the expanse and also has a weekend home where you can stay and enjoy activities like cycling, trekking etc. You can also do farming with your own hands and experience something very unique.

You can volunteer to take care of the animals, or even help redesign and decorate the entire sanctuary. People from Both Mumbai and Pune can conveniently travel to the location. Also, if you have any friends from across the country who would want to come volunteer to help build this great initiative, they are most welcome by AMTM. 

So, if you want to spend your weekend doing something fun and meaningful, or you just love animals and want to lend a hand into developing this beautiful sanctuary into something even grander, go ahead and volunteer. You can send a mail on for the same and also get in touch through Facebook and Instagram.

Animal Matters To Me is an NGO in Mumbai, India committed to the welfare of stray dogs, cats, birds and all kinds of species.

Help us, Help Animals.

Learn more about our stray feeding programs

Option 1 - Inhouse Feeding Program

You can visit us on your chosen day (after confirmation from us) at 11:45am and help in cooking and then feed the inmate animals. WE WILL WAIT MAXIMUM TILL 12pm, and feed as we can’t keep the animals hungry beyond that. A one time meal for the admitted animals( dogs, cats, birds) costs us Rs. 8000/-. You can choose to sponsor 1 or both(Rs.15000/-) the meals for that day. If you wish to donate anything more, be it old newspapers, clothes, food or treats for the inmates is all your choice. You can come with your family/friends spend the day, help in cooking/feeding/bathing/cleaning whatever be your choice.

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Option 2 - External/Outdoor Feeding

This initiative has been set up in order to help the many unwanted and starving strays in our surroundings. These animals have no one and depend on the goodness of the community members for the handouts of food. This is not by any means a solution to this overwhelming problem. We realize it is a band aid on a gaping wound but it is all that some of them will ever get. Until there is a better solution for these strays we will help when able. Filling an empty belly of a starving dog/cat for even a single meal is a small comfort we know, but at least for that one day they were not hungry.
The cost of feeding per dog is Rs.50. It includes the food(chicken waste, rice & vegetables), packaging( recyclable containers), labour, travel & transport. We start cooking by around 8 am, packing around 12 pm and out ambulance set outs around 3pm. As it’s the rainy season now, THE TIMINGS CAN DIFFER. Please bear with us. You can join us too in the whole program, if you wish to.
As of now you can choose to feed minimum 300, 450, 600, 750, 900 dogs.
NOTE: We need a minimum number of 300 dogs for external feeding program and area covered is Marve and Madh stretch

The payment can be done by cash, cheque, neft transfer, cc avenue and for foreign donations by our FCRA account. If you are interested in knowing more or sponsoring a feeding event, please write in to

About AMTM & its Work

AMTM is made up of people like you who come together for one single reason, their love for animals.

Animals & Birds form an important part of any eco system. Like us, they need space, food and clean water. However in our pursuit of success, we often forget that we share our space with millions of other creatures who, due to our negligence are left starving and diseased, with little or no way of fending for themselves. At Animals Matter to Me, we believe that all creatures have the right to a sanitised environment, good food and clean water. We aim to reach out to the animals & birds we find diseased and starving on our  streets and provide them with food, correct medical care and a loving home. We also aim at educating the masses on animal welfare & behaviour to provide a brighter future to Human Beings, Animals & Birds alike.

Animals Matter To Me or AMTM is an ANIMAL WELFARE CHARITABLE TRUST that has been established to reach out to animals & birds in need. AMTM uses contributions form individuals & organisations alike, to provide food & medical attention to animals, reptiles & birds across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Bangalore.

AMTM also provide support services to independent NGOs, shelters and individuals in the form of infrastructure support & donations of food, newspaper, old clothes, medicines & other amenities. AMTM is also extensively involved in animal & bird rescues, fostering, adoption, medical aid, animal birth control programs, vaccination programs & creating awareness in the community. We have a group of experienced veterinary doctors & surgeons who advise & assist in all aspects of medical care ranging from vaccination programs to performing life saving surgeries. AMTM also has an efficient network of foster homes & volunteers dedicated to ensuring the betterment of the animal, reptile & bird community local to our areas of operation.

Adopt an Abandoned/Stray Animal

AMTM rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Bangalore. Give these four-legged balls of unconditional love, a home today!
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Foster care

Love animals but can’t be a permanent pet parent? Become a Foster parent instead! At AMTM we are always on the lookout for people who are willing to foster injured or abandoned animals. Fostering an animal is the process of temporarily taking care of a rescued animal, until we find it a permanent home. Foster care can last from a day to couple of months at a time depending on the animals medical condition or on the time it takes to find it a loving home.
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Volunteer with Us

At AMTM, we conduct several programs where volunteers can spend time with animals, feeding them, vaccinating them or simply playing with them. Call us or or reach us on Facebook for more details.
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CSR Program and Corporate Employee Engagement

We encourage companies to conduct their CSR activities with us. Whether its a collection run of old clothes, newspapers, old furniture, etc from donors or work at a shelter managed by us or simply spending time with the dogs and cats that are under our foster care. We also conduct awareness programs in offices and counsel people on how to handle animals, especially those in distress. We also encourage companies who’d like to donate funds to be part of the activity, rescue or event they are donating towards.

If you’d like to have us come to your office, do drop us a line on the emails or call us on the numbers listed here.
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Report Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is a very common problem in India. Animal Welfare organisations get dozens of calls every day, reporting animals in distress. Animals do feel pain and there are numerous cases of animals being maimed, tortured, poisoned and illegally bred. At AMTM we have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. However in most cases reported, the witnesses are unwilling to come forward to make a formal statement. Imagine the plight of these defenceless creatures who go through hell every day. We urge you to come forward, be their voice, help set them free. Call us as soon as you see an animal in distress.
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At AMTM, we encourage patrons to sponsor our activities and members of our very large family of canine, feline & feathered creatures. You can sponsor an animal, sponsor food, sponsor medicines or sponsor our merchandise. Sponsoring an animal may include food, medical supplies, & living expenses. The medicines we procure are used to treat animals in distress and/or donated to shelters in need. You can also sponsor food used at our feeding programs or purchase of merchandise thats then sold and the profits used to fund our various activities. You can contact us for details, our contact details are listed here.
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