Some of the animals we're looking after

In Treatment


Chutki was rescued by Ms Mehta & Krun after a severe accident caused by a rash tempo driver on MG Road, Kandivali West. The poor girl’s left eye has popped out of its socket due to pressure & weight of the tempo. She is currently being given medical aid. We urgently require Rs.15,000 in funds towards her treatment.

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Pearl - animal case


Pearl is a 3-months old female puppy who went through a harsh accident by a careless ola cab driver and has a very bad absces wound in her front leg. She needs immediate help to make her pain-free and healthy again. Every donation of yours goes a long way towards the Rs. 15000 needed for Pearl’s treatment.

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Sophie - animal case


Sophie is a 5-months old pup rescued from Vasai recently. She has a broken spine and in a very bad condition due to a dog attack. She requires immediate attention and treatment to give her relief from the intolerable pain. Donate now to help Sophie recieve help. We are raising Rs. 18000 for her treatment.

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Coal - Animal Case


Coal is a 15-year old male dog found in Borivali West. He was brutally injured due to an accident case, leaving him paralysed, fractured and badly wounded. Your donations can help him surive this horrific incident and lead a healthy, pain-free life.
We are targeting to raise Rs. 55000 to cover his entire treatment.
Donate to save Coal!

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Sona - animalcase


Every breath is painful for Sona! She is suffering from a terrible maggot infection and wound on her nose. As a young 1.5 years old dog, Sona needs your help to get treatment so she can become whole again. We need Rs. 28000 to treat her. Donate and help her live a life where every breath is filled with joy!

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Basawa, a 4-year old cat, is in pain due to his maggot-infested wound. To be able to get him treatment as soon as possible, we need your help procuring Rs. 25000. Help Basawa live a pain-free life now! Donate to help.

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Barkie - animal case


Barkie is in intense level of pain due to a major wound on his leg. Barely a 5 months old pup, he was rescued from Bhiwandi and needs treatment worth Rs. 18000 to relieve him. Help Barkie get better today! Donate to give him a fulfilling, pain-free life.

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Marble - Animal case


Marble is a 3 months old black and white male puppy, found on Aksa beach. He has an intense wound on his neck which needs immediate surgery and treatment for him to survive this tough ordeal. We are raising Rs. 18000 for his cause. Please help this poor baby get better soon and live a wholesome, healthy life again.

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Fluffy - animal


Fluffy can’t walk anymore! A tiny little pup, Fluffy needs your help to raise Rs. 35,000 for surgery and other treatments to help him survive this ordeal. He has a half chopped leg and needs your help to get back on his feet again!

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Bean - animal case


Bean needs your help! He is a 1 year old golden cat suffering from an intense wound. He is currently in a critical state and desperately needs funds for treatment. Donate to help this soft, young soul live a long life, free of injuries and infections. You are a saviour, help us reach Rs. 30,000!

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Raven - Animal Case


Raven is a 1 year old black and colour male puppy, rescued from Andheri West. This pup is blind from both eyes and has lost all colour from his life. We are raising Rs. 25000 for his cause. Your donations can bring back some colour to this sad soul’s colourless, bleak life. Donate now to give Raven a better life.

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Lion - 5 month old male cat


Leo is an approximately 5-month-old, feisty male Persian cat who was abandoned by his owners possibly because of a severe fungal infection in his ears. He needs 15000 Rs. for treatment and rehabilitation and your donations will go a long way in giving him a better life.

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Treated / Recovered / Released

Roxie - Animal Case
Ready for Adoption


Roxie was rescued in collaboration with the Bombay Animal Rights (BAR) team. She was previously infected with a vaginal infection and is currently battling a tumour affecting her eyes and head region. Please donate to give her a life without suffering and pain.

Sandy - Animal Case


Tumor near neck area

Animal Case - Pinky


Tumor around cheeks



Ruby was found in a paralytic state by good samaritans. She risks permanent paralysis without proper care. She needs your support to recover and receive the care she needs. Please donate towards her recovery.



Bhoolaa has a severe maggot wound on his front foot that requires immediate medical attention. This sweet boy needs your support so that he can get the best treatment possible. Please donate towards his treatment.



Duke was in a horrific train accident and her front leg and tail got chopped off in the most painful way imaginable. She is in excruciating pain and in danger of losing her life. Please donate towards Duke’s treatment and help her get the urgent medical attention she needs to survive.



Kalua has a painful maggot wound on the nape of his neck that requires urgent attention. He needs your support so that he can get the best treatment possible. Please donate towards his treatment.



Hugo has a terrible maggot wound in and around his eye. He needs to be treated immediately so that his injury does not worsen. Please donate towards his treatment.