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Thank you to our patrons

Harsha Khatri


Small donation to our cute street friends.

Manipal Thrift


We really hope our contribution can help the doggos ❤️



Stray feeding and welfare thank you so much for what u do

Chetana Chindarkar


Little Contribution for treatment of kitten and dog whose photos and videos you uploaded on Insta today

Lohitaksh Dutt


Thank you for your service

Gauri Kanitkar


Thank you for your good work!

ciara o'gorman


Thank you for your work with animals. Ciara from London, UK x

Vishal Das



Rajdip Sen


You guys are doing an amazing job! Really proud! Keep up the good work. Love and blessings!

Narendra Parab


Today is my dog's Lucky birthday. This donation is in his memory. We lost him 2 years back.

Neha Parab


Today, on 26th April, is my dog's "Lucky" birthday... we lost him 2 years back... this donation is in his memory

Atish Mathur


The more i learn about people, the more i like my dog.

How can I help?



No amount is too small. It goes a long way to help animals at the rehab centre



A few hours a week with the animals means the world to them, not to mention , the memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.



Don’t buy or breed animals while there are many animals deprived of a good home. Come visit us &  you might just meet your soulmate.