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After making your donation, please email us on Please include your name and, if adopting a dog, the name of your chosen dog.

Donate Money

Donate Money

AMTM is a registered charity in India (registration number: F-41718 ) A direct bank transfer to AMTM’s bank account is a fast, efficient, and cost effective way of making donations. If you would prefer to make your donation by bank transfer or by mailing a cheque, you can use the details as listed below, or the country closest to you.

Note: If donating by cheque your cheque must be made out to Animal matters to me, Mumbai as otherwise our bank may not honor the cheque)

After making your donation, please email Please include your name and, if adopting a dog, the name of your chosen dog.

Donate Supplies

Donate Supplies

AMTM is always in need of donated medical supplies to help treat thousands of stray cats and dogs in Mumbai, as well as more general items such as toys and dog leads. If you have items that you wish to donate, please email us with the specifics at and we will advise you if these are items we can use.

Some medications are safe and effective to use up to 3 months post-expiry. If you have any expired medications please contact Dr. Ankita Pathak at and she will advise whether or not we can still use the items you wish to donate.

For items shipped to Animal matters to me, Mumbai, the customs declaration should read: “Donated expired veterinary supplies for charity. Not for resale.

Sponsor a Dog

Sponsor a Dog

You can ensure that the hundreds of dogs at our Rehab get the care they need and deserve.

AMTM cares for thousands of animals every year. By sponsoring a dog, you will not only change their life, but you’ll also change the lives of many others in desperate need. Your monthly gift will help fund the Rehab, food, and veterinary care for dogs that have nowhere else to go.

When you join the Sponsor Club you will receive regular updates throughout the year on the dog you are sponsoring. Your gift will mean everything to a dog in need.

Please click the pictures below of the dogs available for sponsorship to read their stories. Should you need any help in sponsoring your dog please contact us at

Remember Animals In Your Will

Remember Animals In Your Will

If you share our vision of ending animal cruelty, leaving a gift to AMTM in your will means you can have a lasting impact in achieving this.

Support from people like you has helped thousands of dogs and cats escape a life of cruelty and neglect, and enabled them to live happy and fulfilling lives. By leaving a gift to AMTM in your will, your legacy will ensure countless dogs

How to leave a gift to AMTM in your will
Making a will or updating your existing will is a lot easier than you think! Many animal lovers choose to remember AMTM in their will as it ensures that their support will be long lasting and help suffering animals for years to come.

For detailed information and a step by step guide to writing a will and including AMTM in your will, please email us on

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