Who we are

We are a nonprofit animal welfare organisation working to create a safe and healthy world for every animal, and for the people who love them.

AMTM is here for every animal in need, and has been since 2010. We believe that every animal deserves the best. That’s why we are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned animals — we believe we can transform their quality of life through kindness and compassion. 


Our vision is a kind and loving world for every animal.

Animals Matter to Me Line

Tens of thousands of animals later, we’re still working hard to ensure every dog / cat / elephant / horse / tortoise / rabbit is treated with love, care, and respect. 

Our Team
Animals Matter to Me Line

Meet our animal-crazy team


Ganesh Nayak

Dheeraja Nayak

Dr Ankita Pathak




Omung Kumar

Vanita Omung Kumar

Animals Matter to Me Line

We are deeply grateful for the generous support from organisations, foundations, corporations, and individuals.

If you would like us to partner with us to help us ensure fair and humane treatment of all animals, please write in to getinvolved@amtmindia.org