Medical care and rehabilitation for animals when they need it most

Animals Matter to Me Line

We treat hundreds of animals each month

Our hospital and rehabilitation facility provides medical treatment, compassionate care and a safe place for vulnerable animals to recover and recuperate. 

From road accident injuries to skin diseases and wounds to life-threatening conditions, our expert team looks after animals and enables them to access a life of dignity free of pain. 

Animals Matter to Me Line

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As our efforts have grown, we see the need to invest in the future of AMTM by training and developing the next generation of caregivers. The logical next step was to have a place that we can call our own too.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve identified a plot of land not far from our current Rehab Centre in Malad, Mumbai. We’re chalking out the designs and plans for this new facility and plan to operate this in conjunction with the Animal Sanctuary in Kolad.

Services at the new animal hospital

Medical Facilities + Services

We aim to provide world-class medical services and facilities to pet owners and stray and abandoned animals. This would include timely examinations and treatment, surgical interventions, nutritional consultancy, isolation wards for infectious diseases and hospitalisation wards for primary rehabilitation of animals.

Medical Team

To ensure that the animals receive the best and most appropriate care, we will have an in-house team of expert, passionate and ethical veterinary doctors from different faculties. This will help in timely diagnosis, effective treatment and speedy recovery of the animals.

Diagnostic Center

We will have an exclusive diagnostic center to provide immediate diagnostic services. We will add advanced diagnostic tools such as X-ray, ultrasound, blood analyser, laparoscopy, kidney dialysis unit among others in a phased manner. Our mission is to serve more animals and improve their quality of life in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Learning Center

It is of utmost importance to create awareness about animal welfare, and foster a culture of love for animals. We are planning to impart training to animal lovers on key animal welfare issues like vaccination, nutritional requirements, neutering, etc. to create more aware and compassionate citizens of the future.

Certification Courses

It is essential to provide hands-on training and practical experience for budding veterinarians to make them future ready. In association with universities and brands, we are planning to conduct hands-on training courses not only for veterinarians but also for staff required in veterinary services.

Animal Shelter

Besides hospitalisation, we will also have a primary rehabilitation shelter for strays and abandoned pets. We also plan to organise adoption drives to promote adoption of abandoned animals so that they can get new loving forever homes. Special needs animals will be housed at our upcoming cageless sanctuary in Vitthalwadi near Kolad.