Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor an Animal

Help us look after our permanent family members by sponsoring their daily requirements. This includes food, medications, treatments and trained caretakers.

Animals In Treatment

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Sandy - Animal case
Undergoing Treatment


Sandy urgently seeks your support for treatment as he battles horrible maggot infection wounds requiring immediate attention. Your contribution can play a vital role in his healing journey.

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Billu - Animal Case
Undergoing Treatment


Help Billu, a 7-year-old stray cat receiving care at the animal hospital. Billu requires your support to overcome a distressing leg wound and severe dehydration. Your contribution can accelerate his path to recovery.

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Sunnyy - Animal Case
Undergoing Treatment


Support Sunnyy, a resilient 6-year-old indie cat fighting a maggot wound on his paw. While in the care of the AMTM hospital, he requires your assistance for treatment. Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a difference in Sunnyy’s recovery.

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The New Animal Hospital

AMTM Animal Hospital

Thanks to your generous contributions, our new AMTM hospital is open now! The building is yet to be equipped with a few medical apparatuses, kitchen appliances, and infra facilities.

Do consider contributing to help us realize our dream project

A Bed In Need Is A Friend Indeed

AMTM is procuring beds for the animals at the shelter. A total of 30 small, 90 medium and 30 large-sized beds will be purchased.

Your contribution will help animals sleep better and live healthy lives.

Animal care, tips and more on our blog

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Keeping your cats safe at home

Thinking of adopting or fostering a cat at home? There are a few things commonly found around the everyday household that can be poisonous and toxic to your pet cats. Something as simple as medicines, food and flowers can cause serious harm to your cats. You can keep them safe with just a few tips to be mindful about.

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Animals Matters to Me (AMTM) is a clinical rescue facility for strays & abandoned ownerless animals, birds & reptiles in need of help. We run a shelter cum hospital in Malad, Mumbai and offer services of Adoption, Animal Shelter, Medical Treatment, Sterilisation & Animal Ambulance


No amount is too small. It goes a long way to help animals at the rehab centre


A few hours a week with the animals means the world to them, not to mention , the memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Don’t buy or breed animals while there are many animals deprived of a good home. Come visit us &  you might just meet your soulmate.