Help us feed the animals during the COVID19 lockdown

Stray animals are starving really bad everyday due to COVID-19 Lockdown. Help us feed these innocent souls by donating.The amount donated here will be used to buy groceries required to prepare food & also some ready made animal food.

While we are sitting comfortably in our houses and getting at least 2 meals a day, thousands of stray animals in Mumbai have almost nothing to eat since the lockdown, they are surviving on whatever little trash they can find, even the people who care for them can’t step out to feed them regularly. Many of the animals have become malnourished & many have died of hunger as well.

We aim to provide food to these poor voiceless souls everyday. We are trying to feed as many animals as we can in this dire situation with the help of our volunteers, staff & co-operation of the government.

We have already started feeding 1200 animals everyday on a regular basis, but there is still a shortage of funds.

There are still thousands of animals still starving in every corner of the city, we are doing our best with the resources we could procure. We are working relentlessly to do as much as we can to reach out to more animals in need in this crisis.

With your help we want to reach out to stray animals in every nook & corner of the city, so that no stray animal in Mumbai starves to death.

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No amount is too small. It goes a long way to help animals at the rehab centre

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Donation Total: ₹500.00 One Time

Thank you for choosing to help strays and abandoned souls at AMTM India. All proceeds donated to AMTM are tax exempted under 80G.



A few hours a week with the animals means the world to them, not to mention , the memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.



Don’t buy or breed animals while there are many animals deprived of a good home. Come visit us &  you might just meet your soulmate.

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